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Our services

We focus on all the aspects of managing projects involving web design, web development and desktop application development. The development cycle follows best quality standards. Our main goal is to provide a simple, powerful and innovative solution to our customers with high quality.

Web designing

We offer quality website designing compatible with all mobile devices. We design attractive,informative site that meets your business requirements.

Mobile application

We build user-friendly mobile applications for different platforms. We can help you to transfer your existing software to a mobile platform.

Web application

We develop web/Internet based solutions for businesses with state of art security measures. Some of the key features are secure, user friendly and bug free development resulted by multiple level testing done by our experts.


We design and build e-commerce based on latest trend of business models. And as per customers requirements too. We also provide long term support for developed e-commerce.

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Web site hosting

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Supported technologies

Your required tech not listed ? Contact us before you leave !

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Our Products

We have a wide range of products to make your business hassle free.

Iconicus Desk

Iconicusdesk is a complete business solution with single sing in facility for multiple solutions. Read more



Human Resource Management System Manage your all HR related stuffs at one place. Easy to use. One click reports. Attractive and informative dashboard.



Work Flow Management System Manage all your projects and tasks. Streamline all your work. Track time of all tasks, manage deadlines and increase the productivity.



Bug Tracker Get all bug related stuffs done without any headache ! Manage complete issue lifecycle. Discussion forum and file management. Increase the quality of product.



Support Management System Efficient support system to manage support related activities. Manage all your internal tickets. Manage comments and resolution of ticket.



Campaign Management System It’s a automate digital marketing. Manage digital marketing related activities like Email marketing, Social marketing, SMS marketing. Manage contact list.



Inventory Management System Manage all customers and vendor information. Item management, stock management and accounting. Purchase and sell management with GST support.

Fitness Desk

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Fitness Desk

Let our software focus on your all aspects. You focus on your core business to make everyone fit.

It will manage every single aspect of your gym or fitnessclub. It is loaded with full features to reduce all your paper work and manage every stuff digitally.

We also provide multiple solutions according to your requirements.

fitnessdesk - Iconicus Softwares


It is the price comparison web site. We have thousands of products of different categories from various e-commerce web sites. You don’t have to go to each and every web site and check the price of same product.

It provides price comparison of same product on various e-commerce. More over you can also compare the features of different products on You can check all offers and deals of the day of different e-commerce.

About us

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aboutus iconicus softwares

About us

ICONICUS SOFTWARES PRIVATE LIMITED is working in software space with innovations and latest technologies. We have experts with several years of industry experience in our team. Our main goal is not to make customers but our main goal is to make HAPPY CUSTOMERS of our services and products.

Our mission is to deliver optimal solutions with quality at reasonable prices. We focus on enhancing the business growth of our customers with our innovative products. To be a leader in the industry by providing enhanced & quality products with excellent services, long term relationships, assured customer satisfaction and good profitability.

aboutus iconicus softwares

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